Twitter rolls out soft block feature for everyone

Being a social media platform, Twitter can get its fair share of toxic followers and commenters. Though the platform has always had a block feature, sometimes the toxicity can come from people we know but not necessarily dislike. Perhaps in response to an imminent need to control our feeds much more reliably, Twitter has launched a soft block feature for everyone using the platform.

As the name suggests, the new soft block feature won’t be as harsh as a total block. A complete block prevents users from seeing your content or messaging you directly. Ultimately, minus creating a new account, it completely burns off a bridge from toxic users.

On the other hand, Twitter’s new soft block feature just removes the user from your followers list. As a result, the said user won’t see your posts anymore on their feeds.

To soft block a user, go to your list of followers, click on the three-dotted icon beside the user you want to block, then select “Remove this follower.”

However, since it isn’t a hard block, soft-blocked users can still follow your account again. Similarly, they can still view your content or message you directly without needing to follow again. (Then again, if someone is that dedicated to toxicity, a hard block might be a better solution.)

The new feature is available for all users starting today.

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