The Nanoleaf Lines introduces modularity to smart lighting

Smart lighting has always been an important part of smart home technologies. Since the introduction of the first wirelessly controllable bulb, the smart home world has always tried to make lighting more efficient for the modern, everyday home. Now, contemporary smart lighting companies want you to play around with more than just efficiency. The new Nanoleaf Lines encourages homeowners to experiment with how playful they want their homes to look.

The Nanoleaf Lines’ premise is simple: modularity. With a configurable line and connector setup, users can create their own shapes or mount their setups anywhere. Each line can display two colors simultaneously, and users can choose from over 16 million color options.

Further, the lighting’s app can create different dynamic configurations for the setup including modes like Kaleidoscope and Neon Dreams. A built-in Rhythm function can also adjust the dynamic lighting like a music visualizer that can adapt to different genres. The Nanoleaf Lines can also mirror a PC or TV screen, creating another level of immersion for users.

For those struggling to create their own layouts, Nanoleaf also offers a Layout Assistant which uses AR technology to help users manually design their own setups from their smartphones. The app also has a Discover feature which showcases how other users configured their Lines.

The starting kit, which comes with nine Lines, will retail for US$ 199.99. An expansion pack with three additional Lines will retail for US$ 69.99. Starting December, Nanoleaf will also release black/pink skins and flex connectors for getting around corners and objects.

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