Sony, TSMC partnering to fix global chip shortage

A global chip shortage is ravaging the world today. Everyone can feel it. From missing smartphone series to PlayStation stock consistently sold out, the tech world is struggling to patch in last year’s shortages. Naturally, some brands are trying to find solutions for their own products. Sony is trying a grander approach to the shortage by partnering with TSMC for a large chip factory.

It’s an odd partnership. You might know TSMC as Taiwan’s biggest chipmaker. On the other hand, Sony hails from Japan. According to sources from Nikkei, both companies have agreed to build a chip factory in Japan for JPY 800 billion. The Japanese government has also agreed to help pay for the joint investment. (And, reportedly, Denso wants to join the partnership, too.)

The factory is set to open by 2024. It will produce components primarily for vehicles and camera sensors. It won’t necessarily plug in the entire shortage, but it will certainly help with a lot of components that the world is missing at the moment.

Sony and TSMC are, of course, two of the biggest companies when it comes to components. For one, TSMC is one of Apple’s suppliers. Patching the shortage will work to its advantage.

Unfortunately, the global chip shortage will last for quite a while. Several reports predict that it will take a few years to completely get past the industry’s current problems.

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