Photoshop will allow you to create NFTs soon

NFTs have provided artists a new way to legitimize and sell their art. Additionally, collectors and investors have used the new format as a means of trading value. However, creating new NFTs might not be as accessible yet. To lighten the workload, Adobe will soon allow creators to create their own NFTs from Photoshop.

Confirmed by Adobe’s chief product officer Scott Belsky in an interview, the NFT feature will appear in previews later this month. Called Content Credentials, users will be able to attach their crypto wallet to their Adobe ID. If they sell their art in any official NFT marketplace online, buyers will be able to verify the art’s authenticity.

The credentials will exist on an InterPlanetary File System (or IPFS). Users will be able to keep their data safe in a blockchain system, rather than one owned by a singular company.

Of course, NFTs have always relied on such systems to distribute art. The system allows creators to attach credentials to anything digital including static art, GIFs, videos, and even video game items. Some have even claimed that buyers can own the first versions of iconic memes. NFTs have since become status symbols for those who can afford them — exactly how art collecting works.

Though Photoshop’s new feature doesn’t exactly speak for the collecting side of things, it allows creators to more easily participate in the blooming market.

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