Instagram launches link stickers for everyone

Months ago, Instagram got rid of its swipe-up feature. The now-defunct feature previously allowed content creators to link their stories to external sites. It was an invaluable tool that encouraged click-throughs. In lieu of that, Instagram introduced link stickers. Now, after an exclusive short testing period, the social media platform has opened the feature for every user.

The feature, like all Instagram stickers, will open when you access a story’s editing options. Users will be able to customize the link sticker’s color and the URL it links to. Instagram is still working on other ways to customize the sticker, but the current iteration should fulfill its purpose nicely: an easy way to link content.

Previously, Instagram released the feature for dedicated content creators of over 10,000 followers or are verified. It reflected how the original swipe-up feature worked. This time, most users, regardless of verified status and follower count, can now use the feature for themselves.

Despite opening the feature up to more users, Instagram is still enforcing some limits. “New accounts and accounts that repeatedly share things like hate speech and misinformation, or other content that violates [their] Community Guidelines” will not have access to link stickers.

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