Instagram is adding a “take a break” feature

Staring at a social media feed can be a mesmerizing experience. Before you even realize it, you might spend an hour just scrolling down an endless river of posts on Facebook or Instagram. While doing so can help whittle away some time, mindlessly scrolling down can lead to a lot of missed opportunities at work and in front of loved ones. To help keep people away from wasting their time, Instagram is introducing a “take a break” feature soon.

Officially confirmed by Facebook vice president of global affair Nick Clegg on CNN, Instagram will introduce the feature soon. As the name indicates, the platform will encourage to look at other content for a while, instead of just staying on your feed.

However, since Clegg’s statement is just an introduction to Instagram’s plans, no one knows how the feature will work. It can potentially block users from their accounts temporarily (like how anti-distraction apps work) or just present users with an easily dismissible prompt.

It’s a strategically timed announcement, though. Currently, Facebook is going through a whistleblower situation. Among other leaks and accusations, the company was also accused of knowingly maintaining an addictive platform for teenagers. As a result, Clegg explicitly states that the feature will cater to parents and their teenagers. However, the feature will ultimately help those who want to take a break from the platform as well.

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