Google announced Android 12L for foldables, tablets

Extremely big screens are back in vogue. While smartphones are progressively getting bigger over the years, bigger screens are making a comeback, headlined by the blossoming foldable market and a wave of new tablets. Naturally, because of their larger form factor, current operating systems might not be enough for these devices. Catering specifically for larger screens, Google has announced Android 12L, a mobile operating system exclusive for large screens.

The upcoming operating system will thrive in foldables, tablets, and ChromeOS devices. Making use of their larger screens, Android 12L will expand how the original Android 12 looks. Notifications, home pages, and lock screens will be more refined to the larger screen, rather than just simply blowing up Android 12’s interface. The notification screen, for example, will use a two-column layout.

Android 12L will also introduce a taskbar which optimizes multitasking on the devices. Users can easily switch between tasks from the taskbar. Further, the system will have a new split-screen function.

The Play Store will eventually have indicators whether an app is optimized for larger screens. As such, Google is encouraging app developers to work on large-screen versions of their apps.

Currently, the operating system is scheduled to launch early next year to power the upcoming wave of new devices in the larger-screen market. Google is launching a beta version for both users and developers to acclimate themselves to the new system. The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro is one such device that will get a preview soon.

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