Bose launches the QuietComfort 45

Back in the early days of noise cancellation technology, Bose reigned. The audio company formerly had a strong grip on the niche market, providing commuters with the best noise-cancelling technology available. Now, of course, other companies have released their own competitors. Bose is no longer alone. Despite the more saturated market, the company wants to retake the throne. And it’s trying to do so with the latest QuietComfort 45.

Announced recently, the noise-canceling headphones share the same, tried-and-tested design as Bose’s other devices. The looks and the controls remain similar. Bose fans will find shelter in how familiar the headphones will work. The volume rocker is on the right cup, and the noise cancellation switch is on the left.

However, the QuietComfort 45 does come with a significant change. For one, the headphones will come with a new “Aware Mode.” Paired with a completely silent Quiet Mode, Aware Mode will allow some noise to come in, providing a sense of comfort for when you need to be aware of your surroundings.

For those who prefer silence, the new headphones will offer more noise cancellation. According to Bose, it can more effectively get rid of midrange frequencies, or the noise commonly attributed to busy environments. The microphone can also isolate your voice more effectively, ensuring clearer calls.

The QuietComfort 45 reportedly runs for 24 hours straight on a single charge. A USB-C connection can supposedly charge the device with 3 hours’ worth of juice in 15 minutes.

The QuietComfort 45 will start selling on September 23. Pre-orders are available now. It will retail for US$ 329.95.

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