Windows 11 launches on October 5

The next major version of Windows is coming. After years of Windows 10, Microsoft is finally ready to unveil Windows 11. And the developers have a lot up their sleeve this time around. Though we already have a lot of details about the update, the version’s release date has eluded the world. Finally, Microsoft has revealed Windows 11’s launch date.

As now announced by Microsoft, Windows 11 is coming on October 5. The update will come free for existing and eligible Windows 10 PCs starting that date. It will also come pre-installed with new devices shipping after that date. Naturally, newer devices will get the update first, but more devices will start getting it soon after the launch. Microsoft will eventually release the update to all eligible devices by mid-2022.

Some newer devices might not be compatible through Windows Update. Microsoft promises that such devices may still install the update through a separate ISO file. However, doing so might lock users out from significant user updates.

Unfortunately, all of the version’s features won’t be available upon launch. Windows 11 has a lot of promises leading up to its launch. Most notable of which is the redesign. The taskbar, for one, rearranged most of its elements from the left and right to the middle.

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