OnlyFans reverses ban on sexually explicit content

Recently, OnlyFans made the shocking decision to ban sexually explicit content from the platform starting in October. Under pressure from payment platforms, the subscription platform had decided to drastically change their business model. Naturally, the decision was met with a lot of negativity from the vast majority of its users. That said, OnlyFans has capitulated and suspended its porn ban.

According to a statement to CNBC, OnlyFans has finally gained the support from its banking partners. As such, the platform no longer needs to ban content so they can appease banks. The company has also issued a public statement to assure users that OnlyFans is continuing as planned.

Especially because of the pandemic, content creators flocked to OnlyFans to sell their content to their fans. The platform has turned into a viable income source for sexually explicit content. As such, it was a huge blow when the platform initially announced the now-suspended ban.

However, though users are finally getting a reprieve, the sudden decision hints that the platform can prioritize other factors, rather than its user base. Other platforms have also stopped allowing pornographic content, often resulting in devastating results, such as what happened with Tumblr. Regardless, the platform’s thousands of users can at least enjoy the platform’s services for the foreseeable future.

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