OnePlus Nord 2 reportedly explodes in India

Since the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone world has been a lot warier about exploding devices. Whenever a smartphone explodes, both companies and consumers worry if we’re seeing another controversy. That said, most incidents never really manifested into anything larger. Now, another incident is rearing its head. A new OnePlus Nord 2 supposedly exploded in India.

In a tweet captured by Reddit, an Indian OnePlus user, Ankur Sharma, detailed an incident involving a five-day old Nord 2. His wife reportedly took the smartphone in her sling while cycling. While outdoors, the phone exploded and started smoking. His wife then got into an accident because of the explosion. The tweet also includes a photo of the destroyed phone.

However, the tweet has since been deleted, sparking issues about whether the claim was true. According to the comments on the Reddit thread, the user could have exaggerated the or outright falsified the incident. A theory speculates that the phone’s explosion happened after the biking accident and is actually due to the accident’s trauma on the phone. A more outlandish theory states that OnePlus supposedly paid the couple to remove the tweet and prevent it from escalating further.

True or not, the claim does generate publicity for OnePlus’ new Nord phone, the Nord 2. The company launched the Nord series last year, invigorating their midrange lineup. A year after the announcement, OnePlus added more devices, ultimately resulting in today’s OnePlus Nord 2.

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