Google mocks Apple with headphone jack ad

Besides adding new technologies, smartphones have gradually removed feature as well. Among those removed by smartphone makers, the headphone jack is still sorely missed. Not a lot of devices still have the audio port, forcing users towards wireless earpieces, USB-C exclusive earphones, or adapters. It’s now become a glory to advertise a device’s headphone jack, as is evidenced by Google’s latest ad that parodies Apple.

Recently, Google released a new video ad for the Pixel 5a 5G. This time, the video focused on a peculiar but welcome feature: the headphone jack. Called The Circle Comes Full Circle, it presents the simple feature in a much more premium fashion, much like — you guessed it — an Apple ad.

First of all, the video extols the jack’s glorious circular shape. Then, the ad enumerates the different metals used for the jack including copper and aluminum. It also fits in 3.5mm plugs nicely, vividly showing the connection with a satisfying click. However, amid the luxuriant descriptions, it ends by simply stating that, yes, it’s a headphone jack.

The ad is similar to material produced with Apple’s design master, Sir Jony Ive. Apple’s ads often emphasize how premium a new feature is for Apple users. With the new ad, Microsoft is clearly referencing the iPhone maker’s marketing strategy.

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