Twitter unveils dislike button in beta test

Twitter is finally getting a (sorta) dislike button, according to a new beta test. For ages, the social media platform thrived under a simple set of tweet interaction buttons: like, retweet, or comment. For the most part, all three encourage users to contribute positive feedback towards what other people have to say. Though anyone can certainly contribute negative feedback through comments, Twitter’s latest test introduces a new way to show disagreement without putting anyone down.

Officially introduced by the Twitter Support account, Twitter is testing an upvote and downvote system for some iOS users. Currently, the system is available for tweet replies but not for the actual tweet itself. While the original tweet will remain unscathed (for now), users can upvote or downvote replies and show their agreement to important bits in a conversation.

However, Twitter is also adding some important caveats to the experiment. The platform is adamant that the downvote button is not a dislike button. (That might be a matter of semantic, though.)

Also, a reply’s number of downvotes are visible only to the commenter. Hiding the downvote count likely prevents a mass number of users from brigading against certain replies just for the sake of doing so. Finally, Twitters says that the number of votes will not change which replies will be on top.

If the system sounds familiar, it sounds similar to how Reddit works. In fact, the popular content aggregator even commented on Twitter’s original post. The only difference is that Reddit publicizes how upvoted or downvoted posts are.

Since the feature is still in its testing phase, there is no indication as to when (or if) it will make its way to a mass market.

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