LG will start selling iPhones in stores

Earlier this year, LG officially exited the smartphone business. After years of innovative smartphones launching to lackluster receptions, the South Korean company felt that it was time to leave. Naturally, the tech company still has its hands in other segments. However, one has to wonder if they will still keep an eye on smartphones. Apparently, they will.

Reported by ZDNet, LG will start selling iPhones from its South Korean stores in August. The brick-and-mortar stores will become hubs for other Apple products including Apple Watches.

Previously, the two most popular South Korean smartphone makers — LG and Samsung — agreed to never sell a competitor’s smartphones to prevent competition with other distributors. However, since their departure from the smartphone business, the company doesn’t have stakes in the industry anymore. The recent decision still induced some ire, but it apparently doesn’t matter anymore.

The company’s departure introduced an interesting vacuum for both Apple and Samsung. The latter, for one, enjoyed its stronger hold over the local smartphone scene in South Korea. And now, Apple has seized the opportunity to compete head-to-head with Samsung in the country. Both companies have been offering LG users some credit if they trade in their devices.

Besides its local South Korean stores, LG also has brick-and-mortar places in other countries. It remains to be seen whether the company will sell Apple products in other countries as well.

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