iQOO 8 might get a 160W flash charger

iQOO is reportedly bringing in a 160W flash charging solution with the upcoming iQOO 8. Since the vivo brand’s debut, iQOO has pushed for the best available specs for its smartphones. Previously, the company promised charging solutions above 100W. If the current report proves true, the iQOO 8 is a massive leap for the smartphone industry.

Crazy charging solutions aren’t new to Chinese smartphone makers. Over the years, the world’s biggest Chinese companies have engaged in a race to develop the fastest charging solutions. Just recently, Xiaomi built a 200W fast charging solution, touting a full charge in just eight minutes. However, though the race has put out impressive numbers, it will still take a while before these incredible chargers become the norm especially since some are reportedly degrading smartphone batteries.

According to a series of rumors from a Chinese publication, iQOO is already gearing up for a publicly available 160W charging solution. However, take it with a grain of salt. The rumor supposedly comes from an iQOO 8 marketing prop that confirms “flash charging” is coming to the series. The prop doesn’t indicate the charging solution’s power, though.

It might not take long to confirm or deny this rumor, though. iQOO is slated to launch the iQOO 8 sometime soon.

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