Huawei P50 series will still launch globally

Huawei is finally unveiling the Huawei P50 series next week. Though the company has suffered through a tumultuous year (or three), they are still shipping off their phones for a global release, vying to regain their spot atop the smartphone rankings. Since the United States clamping down on Huawei’s businesses on American soil, the Chinese smartphone maker has struggled to cobble together a competitive smartphone with dwindling hardware supplies.

As described in the teaser released recently, the P50 series will still have the Leica cameras attached to them. While they will still have the same 125mm periscope lens as their predecessors, it is expected that the series will have newer sensors when they come out. Besides that, Huawei is also packaging the flagship series with its own homemade operating system, HarmonyOS 2.0.

In the days leading up to the launch, a representative from the company confirms that the series will still launch globally, as reported by GSMArena. Amid predicted supply issues, the P50 series will make its way around the world.

Of course, the series’ reception outside of China is still up in the air. Because of ongoing issues, Huawei’s smartphones don’t have the same list of specs that wowed users years ago. Besides the obvious lack of Android, Huawei is relying on a limited supply of Kirin chipsets — a component it’s having trouble manufacturing because of the bans. How will the Huawei P50 series look like when it launches next week?

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