Corning announces durable glass for phone cameras

Despite the evolution of smartphone glass durability, rear cameras are still soft spots for mobile devices. With enough sharp force, the smartphone’s rear camera can shatter, destroying its ability to take photos in the process. Corning is finally planning to address that issue with its DX and DX+ series.

Announced late last week, Corning is bringing its damage-resistant glass to smartphone cameras. Besides offering the company’s iconic durability, the DX and DX+ range will supposedly offer better optics for the camera as well. The glass can reportedly allow 98 percent of light into the camera’s sensor, reducing the usual camera issues such as ghost reflections.

Currently, some smartphone makers use anti-reflective coating to address optical issues. However, as any smartphone camera photographer can tell, issues can still happen especially in bright or low-light conditions.

Naturally, Corning’s claims are still unproven at this point. It will take an actual product before users can tell the difference. According to Corning, the DX and DX+ series will first ship out with upcoming Samsung devices. The company hasn’t listed the specific devices it’s coming to, though. However, if the timing is any indication, Samsung is set to host its next Galaxy Unpacked event on August 11. Will this be the first appearance of Corning’s new camera glass?

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