Apple earned record-breaking revenue last quarter

Apple has a lot of things going its way lately. Last year, the new iPhone SE helped the company survive the pandemic. Further, the wide variety of the iPhone 12 series offered a lot of options for users. Given everything that went its way starting last year, Apple has posted another record-breaking quarter in terms of revenue.

According to a recent earnings report, Apple earned US$ 81.43 billion in revenue for the past quarter. The figure is a 36 percent year-on-year increase over the same quarter last year. It is also the most revenue that they have historically earned for the same quarter.

Given how close Apple is to when it usually launched the next lineup of iPhones, the record is a surprise. The company usually winds down the current generation of iPhones in anticipation for the next one. But it looks like the iPhone 12 is still going strong — except for the iPhone 12 mini, of course.

Apple still has some ground to cover, though. Recently, a recent rankings report confirmed that Xiaomi has already overtaken Apple as the world’s second-largest smartphone maker. Still, the improvement is impressive for a usually slow quarter for Apple.

With hype ramping up for the iPhone 13 series, the company might be on pace to climb the ranks once again.

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