Android 13 is Tiramisu

Whatever Google says, the world will not let go of Android’s quirky naming schemes. Recently, the company gave up on dessert names for new Android updates. Instead, they settled for a numerical scheme. Google still maintains an internal naming scheme, though. Now, we know what Android 13 is called internally.

According to a new commit reported by XDA Developers, Google might have already leaked what next year’s Android update is called: Tiramisu. The commit specifically states, “Rename T to Tiramisu.”

To anyone following the updates so far, Android is already up to T. Earlier this year, Google officially (and internally) named Android 12 as Snow Cone, following the naming scheme they established years and years ago. Before that, Android 10 was known as Quince Tart, and Android 11 was called Red Velvet Cake.

Google’s marketing forced the entire company to address the Android updates according to their numerical name. However, the company’s engineers and developers recently revealed that the dessert names still exist, contrary to what marketing says.

Who can blame them, though? Android’s quirky dessert names have always been a highlight of the year for Android users. Everyone waited for what Google called their next update. Everyone also speculated on better names for the update.

For this one, we’re putting all our speculative money on Android Taho.

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